What I’m reading online, right now.

Intelligent, meaningful content can be hard to come by in the myriad of marketing ploys online. Here are 5 of my favourite places to go when I want to learn something new.

The internet is infinite, or seems so anyway.  Whilst reading online, I have been swallowed up on many occasions by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most recently Snapchat. I’ve learned nothing, gained nothing and my brain is a bit frazzled with all of the product placement, ads and general nothingness of it all.

That said, there are some fascinating things to read about, listen to and learn out there too. Here are my current favourite reads, listens and learns.

  1. The Pool – A website curated by Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker. The content is well-written, snappy and very current.
  2. Minnie Mélange– created by Sinéad Burke. Sinéad’s writing is compassionate, thought-provoking and always worth the time, just like herself.
  3. Man Repeller– curated by New York based Leandra Medine.  The tagline ‘Where an interest in fashion never minimizes one’s intellect.’ is all you need to know. It’s a fun, engaging place in which Leandra and her team reflect on fashion and society.
  4. The Coven is Sarah Waldron’s baby and boy, is she raising it well. This is one for Sunday morning, not for the commute to work. Expect long reads from Irish and international women (1,000+ words)  that’ll make you want to read more.
  5. Lenny Letter by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner is a twice weekly newsletter. A fantastic platform for new voices on contemporary culture, politics and fashion.

I’ve loads more to tell you about so this might become a regular feature…