Siún Ní Dhuinn introduces
As an Nua

Founder of As an Nua, Siún Ní Dhuinn wanted to try something new, to create a bilingual space with a feminist slant.

So this is the beginning, Siún Ní Dhuinn introduces As an Nua. I’ve created this space to think about contemporary culture and how we consume it; gender roles, literature, language, fashion, beauty, food and drink are all up for discussion. The tone of the content will be varied, mostly because I just can’t write about my favourite lipsticks with the same gravitas as I’d like to, but I’ll continue to work on that.

Initially though, you can expect a bit of a mixed bag with a feminist slant. Acknowledging womens’ experiences is something I think we haven’t done enough of. This space seeks to correct that, little by little; to learn of struggles, achievements or merely getting by (an achievement in itself, at times).

I have a few regular features planned;  Ag Labhairt ar Leabhair, book reviews, As An Nua Interviews, profiling those who’ve started something anew, Dublin’s Delights, on my favourite parts of the city.

Living a bilingual life in Ireland, is a fascinating experience; identifying with a minority group makes you feel part of something, and offers a nuanced perspective on what’s going on in the world. At times, however, it can mean marginalization from mainstream discourse and even a sense of detachment. Therefore, I’d like As an Nua to take part in conversations, conversations that matter, in every language. I want neither language to swallow the other, but to sustain and enrich each other. Therefore, the language in which the content is presented depends on the tone and how I feel on the day, because that’s the best part of bilingualism, languages aren’t just words, they form an identity and you can choose the identity that suits you best, day by day.


Introducing As An Nua Logo


So that’s it, for now. You can expect my first As an Nua Interviews, with the brilliant Susan Boyle to go live at 2pm today (Tuesday)

If you’d like to know more about me or As an Nua, or even pitch an idea, feel free to contact me on,  on Twitter @asannua or on Facebook, here As an Nua

I do hope you’ll like it.