Don’t take the bait

I'm avoiding the news. I know it's silly, but I am.

I’m avoiding the news. I know it’s silly, but I am.

Trump and Brexit, photos of dead, innocent children, most recently of a father and daughter attempting to cross the Mexican- American border didn’t make me cry, and I am afraid I’m becoming one of those people who have managed to switch off their compassion by consuming so much ‘content’.

I acknowledge by my not seeing these things doesn’t stop them from happening. I work in media, therefore, I am cognizant of what’s going on but I am more careful of how and when I use my voice.

I’m not sure whether all the downward dogs I’ve been practicing or if I’m just emotionally exhausted but I am following the 4 congress women’s lead and ‘not taking the bait’.

Believe me, this is no easy task for me; I am well acquainted with online and offline debates, and have, on-occasion, stepped into a row when I thought a stranger needed backup.

Given the reactive, sometimes visceral nature of social media, the last two referenda in Ireland resulted in my spending a lot of energy in challenging conversations, expending stores of myself in discussions that were often dead ends.

I still hold opinions and value my voice. and my privilege of having a platform from which I can use that voice, but I am challenging myself to be more reflective, to sit with my thoughts in what sometimes feels like self-protection.

A few months back, I attended a yoga retreat and have found its restorative benefits made it to the far reaches of not only my creaky body but even momentarily, touched off that much sought after, very creaky body, mind and soul connection we’ve heard so much about (thank you, Oprah)

One of the ‘take homes’ (I am again, indebted to Queen Oprah for this term) from the weekend is a snippet from Susan, my yoga buddy’s diary in which she has written down ‘Peaceful warrior, we do not always have to be in battle’. It is a half-formed sentence without context, without explanation and yet, it has become one of the most remarkable statements for me.

Turns out, there is power in observation, in softening into being sentient and in letting go…who fucking knew?!